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Comprehensive Initiative on Technology Evaluation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Assistant - Delhi/Remote

CITE is a program dedicated to developing methods for product evaluation in global development.

I worked with MIT research team on a project that studied the Indian grassroots organisation called Self-Employed Women's Organisation (SEWA), that culminated in co-creation workshops and a report called Co-Creating a Culture of Technology Evaluation in a Grassroots, Women-led Organisation In India.

The study was funded by the USAID.


Outline India

Research Assistant - Jharkhand

Outline India is a research firm focusing on data collection and geared towards evidence-based decision making.

Outline India worked with IMPAQ International for an endline qualitative study funded by the US Labour Department to evaluate the impact of interventions aimed at combating child labour. I visited multiple villages in Jharkhand, along with a team of researchers and field workers in order to contextualise and verify the quantitative findings from an earlier phase of the study.





Delhi, India | Glasgow, Scotland


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