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Hi, I'm
Kritika Narula.

  • freelance journalist + writer.

  • 'work from anywhere' enthusiast.

  • speak fluent marketing.

Are you a SaaS tool or tech company that offers solutions in the education, health, careers or productivity space? 

I can help you grow thoughtfully through your content + community!

Some results I have generated for my clients:

  • Created content-driven marketing campaigns that reached 15k+ users in 2 months

  • Helped increase organic blog traffic by 500%+

  • Developed community newsletters with 2x open rates compared to the industry average

  • Created an ebook that directly resulted in more than £10,000 in revenue

edtech | SaaS | social impact | healthcare |wellness | HR |careers | productivity | culture

have a business in one of these fields and want to use content to grow?

want to grab more eyeballs using words and ideas?

need an expert to help you navigate the volume seamlessly?

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Seals of Approval


Laura Boyle
MPH, MIPP, Editor-in-Chief,
IndigoBlue Magazine

"Kritika has written numerous articles that provide tips and solutions to support one’s health, mental health, and personal growth and development. She is consistent and reliable with offering timely and relevant pitches, followed by clear, well-written drafts. Her high-quality articles offer great value to our readers. She interviewed experts and cited published research to support her writing. In fact, Kritika is methodical in checking and citing reliable sources to support her work. We know we can rely on her to provide on-brand, superior content and we are grateful for her significant contributions these past two years.”


Dhruv Krishnaraj,
Director & Cofounder,
Student Circus

"Kritika is a thorough professional in her work. She is well-read and performs her tasks with utmost research and dedication. She makes a great team player and is open to feedback. Overall, it's been a pleasure to work with her."


Susi O’Neill
Global Head of Brand Content B2B,

"I was impressed with her portfolio of business and tech writing, and was equally impressed with the quality of her work.  Well-researched and thorough in detail, with excellent access to experts and sensitivity around capturing their insight. I went on to commission Kritika for another piece."

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